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Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies

Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies

Oh. My. Gods.Mar. 15, 2023130 Min.
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Watch: Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies, Full Movie Online – The film continues the story of teenage Billy Batson who, upon reciting the magic word “SHAZAM!” is transformed into his adult Super Hero alter ego, Shazam..
Plot: Billy Batson and his foster siblings, who transform into superheroes by saying “Shazam!”, are forced to get back into action and fight the Daughters of Atlas, who they must stop from using a weapon that could destroy the world.
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6.7/10 Votes: 6,304
N/A | RottenTomatoes
46/100 | MetaCritic
N/A Votes: 235 Popularity: 1152.106 | TMDB



“Shazam! Fury of the Gods is *almost* saved by the incredibly charismatic, energetic cast, as well as by a truly thrilling third act. Unfortunately, the movie falls into the trap of exaggerating what worked in the original, excessively tackling every narrative aspect, and losing authenticity along the way. Way too long, boringly generic, and lacking a clearer direction, namely in the treatment of its family themes. Comedy is far from the efficiency of its predecessor. I recommend it to the vast majority of fans of the genre, who will certainly enjoy the lightness still present in this sequel.”

Rating: C

Review By: MSB

Ok, so I know I shouldn’t have – but I did enjoy this. “Billy” (Zachary Levi/Asher Angel) and his gang of rather hapless super-heroes locally lauded as the “Philadelphia Fiascos” find themselves pushed to the very limits when the daughters of the legendary “Atlas” manage to breach a magical boundary between their world and our’s and are soon on the hunt for the magical staff that “Billy” snapped in two at the end of the last film (remember?). The daughters are led by the menacing “Hespera” (Dame Helen Mirren) with her potent sidekick “Kalypso” (Lucy Liu) and the slightly more humane “Anthea” (Rachel Zegler) making up this dangerous triumvirate. What now ensues are some genuinely entertaining set piece battles that unlike so many from the MCU, are based on creatures from mythology and do not drag on interminably. Levi is as much an anti-hero as you can imagine, his tongue firmly in his cheek – though not so much as Dame Helen’s – as he and his gang look hopelessly – and continuously – outgunned, outmanoeuvred and outwitted. Can they rally and save the day before carnage ensues and mankind is wiped out? Nope, not a shred of jeopardy here – but the two hours just flew by. It’s fun. It’s not trying to offer us any grand philosophies, or complex time-shifting science. It’s a lightly comedic adventure film that rarely stops for breath, uses state of the art special effects to enhance the story rather than dominate it, and by the end I was ready to remember why I quite enjoyed the original from 2019. All of this said, I fear they will try to squeeze a third from the franchise and think that would be an error. This works because of some charismatic performances – particularly from the rather engaging Jack Dylan Grazer as the lovestruck “Freddy”; a great big dragon and an at times quite pithy script. Please let’s leave well alone now?
Review By: CinemaSerf
Shazam! Fury of the gods does everything better than the first.
Shazam! Fury of the gods is just as good as the first. With everything just elevated and taken beautifully from the prequel. The laughs this film have been adapted to make them generic to all audience ranges, not just targeted towards younger ages. CGI has been turned up a lot, and it’s visible to see through the daughters of atlas and what they bring with them throughout the film.

Speaking of these daughters, – Anthea (played by Rachel Zegler) alongside Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) have one of the best character dynamics across both films. In these terms, I can praise Fury of the Gods for allowing its characters to go on nice arcs across the film – even giving us some insights to each individual member of the Shazamily.

On the other hand, there were times where I felt FOTG was getting a little too hectic. Certain plot points felt a bit silly, and there were moments in the film where I questioned the amount of silliness that the sequel provides. Sometimes, it was this silliness that drove the plot forward – which allowed audiences not to take the film as seriously, despite the higher stakes. Villain wise, Helen & Lucy’s portrayals of the daughters of atlas were fairly good, but their characters (especially Liu’s) were very one dimensional and we couldn’t respect them as Villains. Rachel Zegler’s Anthea was great, and she was the only one I felt for, however I wish she were involved in more fight scenes with the other daughters, as her potential would’ve improved the quality of these fights that were similar to the first films – not much of an improvement and still, in my opinion, quite weak compared to other superhero fight scenes.

The Shazamily was great, and the foster parents don’t really act like ordinary parents but we can move from that. ( I did love their dynamic with Ashler Angels Billy, who was great in the film!)

Despite the weaknesses, Shazam! FOTG is a bunch of fun and provides a good time. I for sure want Zachary Levi and the team to return!

Review By: shayenu
Formulaic / Empty / Superficial / Cringe / Boring / Forgettable
Live Reaction / Review for Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Ok let’s start. I will be reacting/reviewing as I watch the movie. The first Shazam movie was mediocre in my opinion and gave it a rating of 6/10. Let’s see if Shazam 2 is better or worse. The movie starts with some shots of Athens which I appreciate cause im Greek. Are these villains witches? Turning everyone into stone? No they are gods, ok. ”I feel like a fraud”. Yup coming from Levi, sounds right. With so many members for the Shazam family I don’t know how much they will be able to develop these characters, gonna be a challenge. Ok when I reached 25 minutes I fell asleep, im not kidding. I mean I was tired from work but I never sleep while watching movies. Is this me being tired or this is already a cure for insomnia? Shazam is so goofy, acting like he ate too much sugar plus 10 energy drinks, and it’s weird because the kid behaves in a more mature way. What the hell is this scene with the Wonder Woman wizard? I laughed at how bad this is. This is extremely forced comedy.

You need to know when to use jokes and how to use them, not all moments are the same. Really bad timing here. Can’t take anything that is going on seriously. Like they talk about a huge threat but at the same time we have non-stop cringe humor, pathetic. But it was a dream? Was it really? I don’t know. I think it is a warning from the wizard. Billy and Shazam are supposed to be the same person right? It feels like him and Shazam have nothing in common. Ive watched only 36 minutes and I really wanna stop, I don’t like it at all. Lol the other dude tells him that he lacks the wisdom of Solomon, damn so true 100%. Wait, one of these goddesses goes to school? What? Why? When it comes to the shazam family, Levi looks really really old compared to them and its weird, like he is their dad or something. No matter how much hair dye and make up you use, cant change that. ”Anyone else want a gatorade?” damn the humor in this movie, just bad. I still don’t understand why one of the daughters of Atlas went to school, what was the point?

To infiltrate the shazam family or something? I hope she explains why later in the movie (she doesnt). Ok, ive watched 1 hour. My rating for the first hour is 3/10. Once again joking about the wisdom he is supposed to have, its like the writers know that this character looks completely immature and try to make fun of it but its not funny. I stopped the movie yesterday because I couldn’t watch more but today ill finish this review. The dragon is kind of ridiculous but its not like im 100% against it. The CGI doesn’t look good though, its not awful but it could be better. Its still a mystery to me what kind of powers these villains have, its not clear at all. Dragons, unicorns, cyclopes, mythical beasts, random stuff to try and hide how empty this movie is, absolutely superficial content. Its sad that the Shazam family doesn’t do much, I don’t understand why they even need to be in this movie. Out of the 3 villains, 2 are good? That’s super lame. Also Shazam fighting the dragon was so dumb. I would prefer if he fought her with no dragons around. Wait so Shazam killed the villain? He has no kill rule or not? Hahaha.

The Wonder Woman cameo feels pointless. She was there just to be there but this cameo can’t save this movie in any way. So that godess is thousands of years old but she is now with a teenager? Am I the only one who thinks thats super weird? Wow I don’t know what to say. Everything went wrong with this movie. No character development, ridiculous villains, bad writing, mediocre acting and cgi, extremely unfunny humor, cringe and every superhero cliche you can imagine. Maybe the worst DC movie ever made. Skip this movie. My rating is 2.9/10.

Review By: panagiotis1993

Other Information:

Original Title Shazam! Fury of the Gods
Release Date 2023-03-15
Release Year 2023

Original Language en
Runtime N/A
Budget 125000000
Revenue 65000000
Status Released
Rated PG-13
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy
Director David F. Sandberg
Writer Henry Gayden, Chris Morgan, Bill Parker
Actors Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer
Country United States
Awards N/A
Production Company Warner Bros. Pictures
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix N/A
Aspect Ratio N/A
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format N/A
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format N/A

Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Shazam! Fury of the Gods 2023 123movies
Original title Shazam! Fury of the Gods
TMDb Rating 7 235 votes

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